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A guide to Certificates, which are awarded whenever you finish a course through OKLMS and can be downloaded, saved, and/or printed

Congrats, the hard part is over!

Most training courses in the OKLMS Learning Management System include a Certificate that’s unlocked when you complete all other required activities in the course (such as Learning Modules or a Quiz/Assessment)

On the course page, completed activities display a checked box opposite each activity name.

Example OKLMS course page with three activities listed. The first two activities (Learning Modules and a Quiz) display checked boxes labeled "complete". The third activity is highlighted, labeled "unlocked!".

To access your Certificate:

  1. From the course page, select the certificate name.
  2. Click Get your certificate, and the document will pop open in a new window
Example Certificate activity page, displaying the message "Congratulations! You have completed the course. Please download or print your certificate for your records". The page displays the date the certificate was issued and an arrow indicating the "Get your certificate" button.
  1. You can choose to print the certificate and/or download and save it to your computer (if you plan to email the certificate, for instance).
Example OKLMS course certificate: "This Certificate of Completion is proudly presented to [your name here] for successfully completing the online course", displayed in a pop-up window with a download icon and a print icon highlighted in the top right-hand corner.

Congratulations, the course is now complete!

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