Online Training Help

Resource Files

A guide to downloadable Resource Files, where learning materials are provided as PDF, EXCEL, or WORD files that you can view, save, and/or print
Resource Files

Download some knowledge!

Certain OKLMS courses are the result of in-person trainings that quickly moved online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These courses provide training materials in the form of downloadable Resource Files (PDF, Powerpoint, Word, etc.).

Open the File

  1. From the course page, click the resource link you wish to open.
Example OKLMS course page displaying a list of activity links, including six Resource files with "PDF" in the title. An arrow indicates the first resource link.

Resources should include what the file type is in the title (PDF, XLS, PPT, etc.).

  1. The file will open in a pop-up window for you to view.
Example Resource pop-up window displaying the first page of a PDF file, with icons in the top right-hand corner: Rotate, Download, Print, Bookmarks.

You have the option to save and/or print the file. Be sure to read all course instructions beforehand however, since some resources don’t need to be downloaded at all.

Check the Progress Box

On the course page, completed items display a checked box opposite each activity name to indicate your progress.

Part of an example course page displaying 3 activities: A PDF resource with a checked box opposite the name, A PDF resource with an unchecked box opposite the name, and an assessment with an unchecked box with a dotted outline opposite the name.

Much of the time (like with Quizzes or Learning Modules), the system will check the box automatically when you complete the activity. However—

Resource Files require you to manually check the progress box. Simply click the empty checkbox to add a check and confirm that you’ve accessed the file.

Note: automatic-completion checkboxes are displayed with a dotted outline and cannot be selected, while manual-completion checkboxes are displayed with a solid outline.

The course page will remain open in the background while you view each Resource File. When you’re ready, move on to the Assessment.