Adult Care & ADvantage Administration Training

Adult care providers and administrators use OKLMS to access online training for certain services, including Medicaid SPPC and the ADvantage waiver program
Adult Care & ADvantage Administration Training


Through the OKLMS Learning Management System, the Aging Services division of Oklahoma Human Services hosts online training courses for providers and administrators of Adult Care programs like Medicaid SPPC (State Plan Personal Care) and ADvantage (waivers for Home- and Community-Based Services).

First Things First

If you’ve never accessed OKLMS before, your first step is to create a new account for yourself. As an Adult Care/SPPC/ADvantage learner, when you reach the Other Fields section of the New Account signup page:

Choose Advantage from the Type of Training dropdown menu.

The system will then ask you to provide the following information:

  • Job Title
  • County
  • Care Provider name (you can choose up to three if you work for multiple providers)
  • Harmony number

Once you submit your details, you’ll still need check your email to confirm your account before you can start taking courses.

Not your first time? Look up your existing account or reset your password, if needed

Log In and Get Started

After you create and confirm your new account:

  1. Log in with your username and password at https://oklms.org.

The system will open to your dashboard, which displays the available Course Categories.

Example OKLMS dashboard page, with the "Course categories" block highlighted an an arrow indicating the "Adult Care" link

(If you’ve already been enrolled in courses, they’ll be displayed here instead, under My Courses. Click a course name to open it or select All courses… to view the course categories.)

  1. Click Adult Care.
  2. Enroll yourself in the course you need.

Now you’re ready to begin learning!

Some OKLMS courses start with an interactive Learning Modules activity, while others consist of downloadable Resource Files. You’ll also have to take at least one Assessment (Quiz) to earn the Certificate at the end of the course, if available.